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The IOV Name Service provides decentralized usernames.

What is the IOV Name Service?

The IOV Name Service is a proof of stake name service which comes with great features. It provides the starnames: decentralised usernames (like your twitter handle) which link to a list of crypto-addresses.
It comes with:
  • ✅ Universal Lookup (we support any kind of digital assets)
  • ✅ Universal and Fast Reverse Lookup (query starname of a specific crypto-address)
  • ✅ For any kind of transaction the fee payer can be different than the action signer
  • ✅ The most cool human readable format in crypto: *starname
  • ✅ Two types of permissions for *starnames: Open or Closed
  • ✅ Metadata can be uploaded off-chain like picture, full name and description
  • ✅ Portability: You can switch custodians while keeping your starname
  • ✅ Fully Proof of Stake