IOV Token Staking and Rewards

The IOV Name Service is implementing the Cosmos SDK staking module.

For the detailed description, you may read the full documentation on Cosmos SDK about staking and minting.

Staking the IOV Token

Staking the IOV Token means delegating your IOV Token to a Validator for a minimum bonding period. The bonding period starts when you give the command to unbond your tokens. To stake your IOV Tokens, you first need to pick a Validator to delegate to. You can see the list of Validators on our block explorer

You can click on a Validator to find its operator address, it starts with starvaloper1....

Then to delegate 1000 IOV Tokens from your address you use the delegate command:

iovnscli tx staking delegate <starvaloper1....> 1000000000uiov --from <mykey> --fees 2000000uiov


It is possible to move your stakes from the current Validator to another Validator by using the command redelegate

iovnscli tx staking redelegate <validator_from> <validator_to> 1000000000000uiov --from <mykeys> --chain-id iov-mainnet-2 --gas-prices 10.0uiov

Withdrawing Rewards

To withdraw your rewards and IOV Tokens, you may unbind the IOV Tokens with the command

iovnscli tx distribution withdraw-all-rewards --from <mykey> --fees 2000000uiov

Getting the Stake back

This will start the unbonding period at the end of which you can use your IOV Tokens again. During the unbonding period, the IOV Tokens do not qualify to receive rewards. The command is unbond

iovnscli tx staking unbond <validator_from> 1000000000000uiov --from <mykey> --fees 2000000uiov

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