Addresses and IOV Tokens

Querying the IOV Name Service, like resolving starnames, does not require any set up from the user. However sending transactions to the IOV Name Service requires an address and IOV Tokens.

Creating addresses

You can create addresses by reading Setting up addresses and multisig by reading Creating a Multisig

Signing transaction is done automatically in the CLI when your private key is registered locally. It can also be done off line, which is mandatory for multisig (Signing with a Multisig).

Querying your account (or anyone's account)

Ownership records are public on the IOV Name Service. It means that anyone can query the balance of IOV tokens are a given address with the command query account

iovnscli query account star10lalxx8ml63hs86j64nk76kucf72dsucluexz8

which will return something like

  "type": "cosmos-sdk/Account",
  "value": {
    "address": "star10lalxx8ml63hs86j64nk76kucf72dsucluexz8",
    "coins": [
        "denom": "uvoi",
        "amount": "999999974000000"
    "public_key": "starpub1addwnpepqdg4uephp9xj2zw8k8yjutghhl4qxgwy9d9elxxfv80ez5vgkyes25gpkdh",
    "account_number": 145,
    "sequence": 13

The denom is the unit of the amount of the balance. In Cosmos SDK, the unit is in micro (u), hence it is uvoi. A micro IOV is 0.000001 IOV, or 1e-6 IOV.

Receiving and sending IOV Tokens

Once your address is set up, you can receive IOV tokens (and starnames) to your address. You can also send IOV tokens and starnames you own to other star addresses. The command for IOV Tokens is simply send

iovnscli tx send benkeys star1j4dx6dwgz8nfpmtecmzvqlv5p4tjahvd5q9qte  10000000uvoi --fees 2000000uvoi

The arguments of the send command are the from address, the to address and the amount of IOV tokens in uVOI, with the --fees flag for the gas.



the sender of IOV Tokens


the recipient of IOV Tokens


the amount of IOV Tokens sent


the gas fees

For sending starnames, you can read the Advanced features

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