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Registering a domain

This the the domain type by default.
To register a domain, simply use the domain register-domain command:
iovnscli tx starname register-domain --domain alpha --from benkeys --fees 200000uiov
the name of the domain you want to register
the star address of the owner of the domain
the amount of IOV token paid for the gas fees (in uIOV = 1e-6 IOV)
Optional Flag
the star address of the payer of the transaction fee. By default, it is the --from address
open or closed. By default, closed
You can check that your starname has been properly registered to you by resolving it
iovnscli query starname resolve --starname *alpha
You may also query your domain with domain-info
iovnscli query starname domain-info --domain alpha
you will see something like
"domain": {
"name": "alpha",
"admin": "star10lalxx8ml63hs86j64nk76kucf72dsucluexz8",
"valid_until": 1592500822,
"type": "closed",
"broker": ""
the domain name of the starname
the star address of the owner of the domain
the expiry date of the domain, in seconds from 1jan1970
open or closed
the reference of the broker of the registration of the starname
The valid format for domain name can be checked with the configuration get-config command
iovnscli query configuration get-config
"configuration": {
"valid_domain_name": "^[-a-z0-9]{4,32}$"

Registration price

The register-domain transaction cost depends on the length of the domain you want to register. You can see all the transaction cost parameters in
iovnscli query configuration get-fees | jq
where you will the the domain registration parameters:
"fees": {
"fee_coin_denom": "uiov",
"fee_coin_price": "0.000000100000000000",
"register_domain_1": "1000.000000000000000000",
"register_domain_2": "500.000000000000000000",
"register_domain_3": "200.000000000000000000",
"register_domain_4": "100.000000000000000000",
"register_domain_5": "50.000000000000000000",
"register_domain_default": "7.000000000000000000",
"register_open_domain_multiplier": "3.000000000000000000",
This means that to register a closed domain of length <n>, you look at the field register_domain_<n>. The price in token is then calculated by the formula
price = register_domain_<n> * 1000000 / fee_coin_price
For exemple, a domain registration price of a domain of size 3 when the fee_coin_price is 0.0000001 (Eur per uIOV) is 200 * 1000000 / 0.0000001 = 2000 IOV token.
If the domain size is 6 or more, then the parameter to use is register_domain_default.
This is dynamically updated as the fee_coin_price will be updated to reflect the market value of the IOV token. The intent is to keep the price of the domain registration stable vs a stable currency.
The registration price of an open domain is the registration price of a closed domain multiplied by register_open_domain_multiplier.
In addition of the registration price, the usual transaction gas fees need to be applied.