Registering a Starname

This is how to register your starname. First you have to start with registering a domain, then you may register additional names within the domain.

A starname can have two different formats:

  • *domain

  • name*domain

The Closed and Open domains

The IOV Name Service offers 2 types of domains which can be registered: Closed and Open. By default, the domain is registered as Closed.

In a Closed domain, the owner of the domain can control the starnames within the domain. The owner can transfer the starname to new owners, but the domain owner always keep the right to delete the starnames. In a Closed domain, only the domain owner can register starname within the domain.

In an Open domain, anyone can register starnames within the domain. The domain owner does not have any right on the accounts within the domain.

You may directly register a starname within an Open domain like *iov by registering an account there.

You may want to personalize both parts of the starname and first register your own domain.

Each registration of domain and account as a specific transaction cost, detailed in each specific part.

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