Starname Renew, Transfer and Delete

Once you have registered a starname, there are a few things you can do with it

Now that you can register your names and update your addresses, here are the advanced features of the names and domains.


Starnames are transferrable. It means that when you own a starname on the IOV Name Service, you can transfer it to someone else (yes, you can sell it without going through an intermediary). Here is how to do it:

Starname transfer

I am the owner of superben*open_iov. I can transfer any starname which I own to its --new-ownerwith the command transfer-account:

iovnscli tx starname transfer-account --domain open_iov --name superben --from benkeys --new-owner star1hczcxazt9ersdp4eps8642qdrkn2mhkmep76ta --fees 2000000uvoi

Domain transfer

If the starname is a domain, like *alpha, I can transfer it with the command transfer-domain

iovnscli tx starname transfer-domain --domain alpha --from star10lalxx8ml63hs86j64nk76kucf72dsucluexz8 --new-owner star1hczcxazt9ersdp4eps8642qdrkn2mhkmep76ta

In the case of a open domain, it has no effects on the starnames within the domain.

In the case of closed domain, it transfers all the starnames within it to the new-owner. However, the optional flag --transfer-flag allows to select what happens to the starnames within a closed domain that is being transferred:

--transfer-flag value



TransferFlush: all starnames within the accounts are deleted


TransferOwned: Transfer ownership of the starnames of the domain's owner to the new-owner, All other starnames are unchanged

2 (default value)

TransferResetNone: the starnames within the domain are unchanged


By registering starnames, you get their ownership for a period of time. The period can be checked in the configuration of the IOV Name Service

iovnscli query configuration get-config
  "configuration": {
    "domain_renew_period": "300000000000",
    "domain_renew_count_max": 2,
    "domain_grace_period": "60000000000",
    "account_renew_period": "180000000000",
    "account_renew_count_max": 2,
    "account_grace_period": "60000000000",

The periods are in nanoseconds (0.000000001 sec or 1e-9 sec), on the testnet it means

  • domain renewal: 300 sec = 5min

  • account renewal: 180 sec = 3min

After the starname valid_until date, the starname is expired and enters a grace period. When the starname is expired, the owner cannot replace targets or transfer the domain, the query does not return the associated addresses.

At any time, the owner still has the option to renew the starname to extend the valid_until date by the renewal period.

After the domain grace period is past, anyone can delete the domain and all the starnames within it.The grace period is also in the configuration, the exemple above we can see

  • domain grace period: 60 sec = 1min

  • account grace period: 60 sec = 1min

Renewal of closed domain and starnames within a closed domain

In the case of a Closed domain, renewing the domain renew all the starnames within it at the same time. The command is renew-domain

iovnscli tx starname renew-domain --domain alpha --from benkeys --fees 2000000uvoi

Renewal of open domain or starname within an open domain

In the case of open domain, renewing the domain does not renew the starnames within it. The renewal of the domain is the same as for a closed domain with the command renew-domain

To renew starnames within an open domain, the command is renew-account

iovnscli tx starname renew-account --domain iov --name ben --from benkeys --fees 2000000uvoi

The starname within an open domain can only be renewed if the open domain is still valid.


In the event the name owner wants to remove itself before the end of the grace period from the IOV Name Service, the name owner can delete their starname and all starnames within their closed domain.

Removal of a domain

The command is del-domain. Before the end of the grace period of the domain, only the domain owner can do it. After the end of the grace period, anyone can do it. Deleting a domain delete all the starnames within it.

In the case of an open domain, the grace period of the domain is the latest grace period of all the starnames within it.

iovnscli tx starname del-domain --domain open_iov --from benkeys2 --fees 2000000uvoi

Removal of a starname

The owner of a starname which is not a domain (i.e. a starname with some string before the *) can delete their starname at any time. In the case of an open domain, anyone can delete a starname after the end of the grace period of the starname. The command is del-account

iovnscli tx starname del-account --domain open_iov --name superben --from benkeys --fees 2000000uvoi

After removal, a starname is free to be registered again by anyone as if it was new.

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