Setting up addresses

In order to send transactions (tx) to the IOV Name Service, you need to have your star address set up.

Command helper

You can get a full description of how to create addresses on the CLI by running

iovnscli keys add --help

Creating your local private/public key and address with name

You can simply run the command keys add

iovnscli keys add <your_key_name>

and you will get this

    "mnemonic":"job satisfy drill fiscal refuse during off alcohol artefact horn list mix judge oblige spend such distance task elegant party author quit prosper dance"

In most CLI commands, you can use the keys name in place of the address, which makes it easier to use.

Importing your existing wallet

If you already have your mnemonic, you can recover your address with the flag --recover which will prompt you to enter your 12 words mnemonic and associate the result to the name you have provided.

iovnscli keys add benkeys --recover
> Enter your bip39 mnemonic

Checking your saved CLI wallet

You can always check the keys associated with a local key name with the command keys show

iovnscli keys show benkeys
  "name": "benkeys",
  "type": "local",
  "address": "star10lalxx8ml63hs86j64nk76kucf72dsucluexz8",
  "pubkey": "starpub1addwnpepqdg4uephp9xj2zw8k8yjutghhl4qxgwy9d9elxxfv80ez5vgkyes25gpkdh"

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