Registering an account

This is to register a starname within an existing domain.

To register a starname within a domain which is already registered, the command is register-account :

iovnscli tx starname register-account --domain iov --name benji --from benkeys --fees 200000uiov

You can check that your starname has been properly registered to you account by resolving it:

iovnscli query starname resolve --starname benji*iov

  "account": {
    "domain": "iov",
    "name": "benji",
    "owner": "star10lalxx8ml63hs86j64nk76kucf72dsucluexz8",
    "valid_until": 1592556099,
    "resources": null,
    "broker": "",
    "metadata_uri": ""

The valid format for account name can be checked with the configuration get-config command

iovnscli query configuration get-config
  "configuration": {
    "valid_account_name": "^[-_.a-z0-9]{1,64}$",

Registration price

The register-account transaction cost depends on the length of the domain you want to register. You can see all the transaction cost parameters in

iovnscli query configuration get-fees | jq

where you will the the domain registration parameters:

  "fees": {
    "fee_coin_denom": "uiov",
    "fee_coin_price": "0.000000100000000000",
    "register_account_closed": "0.100000000000000000",
    "register_account_open": "0.100000000000000000",

This means that to register an account in a closed domain, you look at the field register_account_closed. The price in token is then calculated by the formula

price = register_account_closed * 1000000 / fee_coin_price

For exemple, the account registration price in a closed when the fee_coin_price is 0.0000001 (Eur per uIOV) is 0.1 * 1000000 / 0.0000001 = 1 IOV token.

If the account is register within an open domain, then the parameter to use is register_account_open.

This is dynamically updated as the fee_coin_price will be updated to reflect the market value of the IOV token. The intent is to keep the price of the account registration stable vs a stable currency.

In addition of the registration price, the usual transaction gas fees need to be applied.

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