Starname Resolver and Registration

This document will explain how to get started with the IOV Name Service.

Block explorer

The IOV Name Service has a block explorer in Mainnet:

It is the easiest way to see the transactions getting on the IOV Name Service.

Using the REST API

The IOV Name Service has a REST API in Testnet:

Messages generated by the CLI can then be sent via this REST API.

Installing the CLI

You can install the CLI from the GitHub repo:

The IOV Name Service and the Starnames

The IOV Name Service provides human readable address linked to a list of crypto-addresses. We called this human readable address the starname.

A starname can have two different formats:

  • *domain

  • name*domain

Getting started

If you have a starname and want to resolve it, you can start here: Resolving a Starname

For getting started with the IOV Name service, addresses and IOV Tokens, you can read Addresses and IOV Tokens

If you want to register a starname, you can read here: Registering a Starname

For customising the addresses associated with your starname, you can read Setting Starname info

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